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Home Program

The Defeat Diastasis® home program is a ready to implement program that you can use to close your diastasis recti where ever you like to work out!


The Nuts & Bolts

One of the biggest pieces of healing your abdominal separation is understanding the nuts & bolts of how and why diastasis occurs and why it's not healing on it's own. This course covers everything from anatomy, posture, daily life, and prevention to help you understand every part of your life that is impacting your abdominal separation. 

Easy To Follow Exercises

This 8 week course gives you easy to follow at home rehab sessions. This program offers 15 minutes of daily core exercises and additional longer full body rehab sessions to help you heal your core.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who is pregnant and who is looking to stabilize or prevent diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Anyone who is postpartum and wanting to heal their diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Any individual who have experienced c-sections, hernia surgery, pelvic floor surgery, or other surgical intervention to the area

  • Any person experiencing weakness in their core

Help From A Professional

Find a clinic that offers Defeat Diastasis in person or schedule a virtual consult with a Defeat Diastasis® provider. 

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