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Our in person intensive program is designed for anyone who does not have access to our PRO program. During your 5 day intensive you will receive 1:1 sessions using the NeuX Pro, coaching sessions on posture, breathing, and lifestyle, bodywork as needed, and a plan for continuing your progress at home. 


Our Technology

Our Defeat Diastasis®  program is powered by NeuX technology. The NeuX provides INS, Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation,  to dysfunctional tissue sites.


In the Defeat Diastasis program this stimulus is applied as the patient simultaneously performs the appropriate movement pattern, using the proper mechanics. The patient benefits from the traditional outcomes of physical therapy, which include muscle strengthening, increased range of motion and motor learning; however, with Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation, better results are achieved exponentially faster and with longer lasting effects.

Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation

A unique summing of two waveforms, interactive neuromuscular stimulation is the combination of a high frequency alternating current waveform and a lower frequency pulsed direct current waveform. The outcome is a much smoother, more refined stimulus that is more effective than devices that use only a pulsed direct current. 


1:1 Functional Movement Training

  • Anyone who is pregnant and who is looking to stabilize or prevent diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Anyone who is postpartum and wanting to heal their diastasis and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Any individual who have experienced c-sections, hernia surgery, pelvic floor surgery, or other surgical intervention to the area

  • Any person experiencing weakness in their core

Benefits of The Pro Program

  • Patients in the Pro program heal up 2x - 4x faster than just physical therapy alone

  • The NeuX helps to "turn on" the core and retrain the brain body connection so that you can contract your core more effectively. 

  • 1:1 training with our rehab specialists help you to correct form, muscle balance and function



“I felt like before this program I couldn't contract my abs even when I tried and my back pain was preventing me from interacting with my kids the way I want to. After just six weeks my three finger diastasis closed, my back pain went away, and I stopped peeing when I sneezed. 


"I've tried pretty much every other method to rehab DR and never had this much improvement (and quickly)."


"She confirmed my suspicion and informed me of my 3 finger gap. I quickly decided to join her diastsis program. I AM SO GLAD I DID. During the 8 weeks I worked with them I always felt top priority, my needs and questions were always addressed, I was supported, I was pushed, I was educated, and I’m happy to say I’ve closed my gap!"
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